Laura Strati

2020 Italian Champion outdoor – 6,42 mt (Ancona)
2019 silver medal Italian National Championships outdoor – 6,42 mt (Brixen)
2018 Italian Champion outdoor – 6,41 mt (Pescara)
2017 Italian Champion outdoor – 6,59 mt (Trieste)
2017 Italian Champion indoor – 6,59 mt (Ancona)
2016 Italian Champion outdoor – 6,49 mt (Rieti)
2015 Italian Champion indoor – 6,53 mt (Padova)
2011 Italian Champion indoor – 6,29 mt (Ancona)

2012 “Promesse” Italian Champion outdoor – 6,02 mt (Misano Adriatico)
2011 “Promesse” Italian Champion outdoor – 6,26 mt (Bressanone)
2011 “Promesse” Italian Champion indoor – 6,06 mt (Ancona)
2009 “Juniores” Italian Champion indoor – 6,07 mt (Ancona)
2005 “Cadettee” Italian Champion outdoor – 4×100 (Bisceglie)

2019 World Championships Iaaf outdoor, Doha (qualifying)
2019 European Games, Minsk ( Italy – 6th team’s place)
2019 European Championships Indoor, Glasgow (12th place)
2018 European Championships Outdoor, Berlin (13th place)
2018 Mediterranean Games, Tarragona (6th place)
2018 Meeting “Street Athletics”, Madrid ( Italy -1st team’s place)
2017 World Championships Iaaf Outdoor, London (qualifying)
2017 Nations European Cup, Lille (6th place)
2017 European Championships Indoor, Belgrade (9th place)
2017 Meeting “Fly Europe”, Berlin and Rome
2016 Meeting “Fly Europe”, Berlin and Paris
2015 European Championships Indoor, Prague (qualifying)
2011 U23 European Championships Outdoor , Ostrava (7th place)
2009 European Championships, Novi Sad (4th place 4×100)
2009 Juniores Mediterranean Games, Madrid (1st place 4×100)
2007 School World Championships Jean Humbert Cup, Bordeaux (bronz medal long jumper and bronz medal 100 hs)

2019 Soria, Spain, indoor (1st place – 6,47 mt)
2019 Madrid, Spain (5th place – 6,43 mt)
2019 Zaragoza, Spain, indoor (1st place 6,47 mt)
2019 Diamond League, Rome (10th – place 6,27 mt)
2019 Metz, France, indoor (3rd place – 6,58 mt)
2018 Nembro, Italy, outdoor (1st place – 6,62 mt)
2017 Diamond League, Lausanne, Switzerland, outdoor (6th place – 6,49 mt)
2017 Ávila, Spain, outdoor (1st place – 6,72 mt)
2017 Salamanca, Spain, outdoor (1°st place – 6,70 mt)
2017 Szczecin, Poland, outdoor (1st place – 6,63 mt)
2017 Madrid, Spain, indoor (1st place – 6,43)
2016 Lubjana, Slovenia, outdoor (1st place 6,59 mt)
2016 Kortrijk, Belgium, outdoor (2nd place – 6,31 mt)

2019 1st place italian ranking (6,65); 22nd place european ranking; 47th place word ranking
2018 1st place italian ranking (6,62); 28th place european ranking; 52nd place word ranking
2017 1st place italian ranking (6,72); 8th place european ranking; 21st place word ranking
2016 1st place italian ranking (6,59); 31st place european ranking; 64th place word ranking

Luca Rigoldi

Category: Super Bantam (55,338 kg)

World ranking: 15° Super Bantam

Matches won by knockout: 33%
Boxed rounds: 154
Professional Matches: 24 (22 wins, 8 knockouts, 1 draw)
Amateur Matches: 49 (30 wins, 4 draws)
Professional Matches: 24 (22 wins, 8 knockouts, 1 draw)

Sport Carreer:
2016: Italian Champion; Best Italian Match
2017: 2 European Union titles won; Best Italian Match.
2018: 1 European Champion; Best Italian Boxer.
2019: 2 European Champion

Lorenzo Patrese

WSK Championship (World Series Kart – 
From the early age of six, Lorenzo competed in various sports from horse riding to skiing at competitive levels. Particularly in 2018, he was part of the Italian Equestrian national team and participated in the European Horse Show -Jumping Championship, in the Children’s category in France at Fontainebleau.
At the age of 11, he began to participate in the Easykart Championship in the mini60cc category with the MLG Team: he obtained two Pole positions, a victory in Lonato, various podiums, and finished second in the final classification of the championship.
In 2018 he participated in the Italian Iame X30 125cc Championship with Team Driver and achieved good results, especially in Ugento, where he obtained Pole and third place in race 2, finishing fifth in the overall championship standings.
In 2019, Lorenzo began focusing exclusively on Karting, and joined the new Kart Republic team of Dino Chiesa, a team that has grown and created F1 champions such as Charles Leclerc, world champion Kekè Rosberg and many others.
Here he began in the OK junior category and participated in the WSK and CIK FIA European Championship races, gaining more and more experience.
In Belgium in Genk he managed to get the final (34 drivers), a prestigious result.
At the end of June, Team Principal Dino Chiesa decided to anticipate the transition to the OK senior category, thus gaining time for 2020.
In Le Mans,he shone in the last round of the European Championship as well as at the World Championship in Finland where he qualified 16th out of 90 members and which put him in a position to fight for the final with the best pilots in the world. Unfortunately, due to a collision in the race in the last qualifying round he was knocked out. He finished 36th in the general classification, only two positions out of a well deserved final against the strongest drivers in the world.
This year he continues his karting activity, always participating with Kart Republic in all WSK (World Series Kart) races, CIK FIA European and World Championships in Brazil.
He has already began learning about the Formula 4 cars with which he is training regularly for a possible future transition.

Erik Michielon

2021 – Aprilia Sport Production Championship                                

2019 – Ohvale GP –  Italian Champion